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Madame Gautier Kensal Rise

madame gautier kensal rise french restaurant chamberlayne road
madame gautier kensal rise french restaurant chamberlayne road
madame gautier kensal rise french restaurant chamberlayne road


Address: 64-66 Chamberlayne Road, NW10 3JJ
Opening Hours: Call for opening hours
Phone: 020 8968 8142


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Total Score
7.6/ 10

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7 total ratings


Posted August 27, 2013 by

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Replacing The Diner, Madame Gautier Kensal Rise is a Classy French Bistro and Wine Bar.

Madame Gautier Kensal Rise offers an authentic French dining experience, combining traditional cuisine methods with the finest ingredients from local farms. Owned and run by chef and entrepreneur Mark Gautier and his wife Corinne, the venue incorporates a bistro, wine bar and traiteur take-out service.

The menu has been carefully prepared to suit the distinguished diner, sourcing seasonal fresh produce to create exquisite dishes at an affordable price.

Petit Dejeuner Menu

Menu a la Carte

Menu des Enfants

Les Boissons

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  • Replacing The Diner,
  • Replacing The Diner,
  • Replacing The Diner,
  • Replacing The Diner,
  • Replacing The Diner,
  • Replacing The Diner,
  • Replacing The Diner,
  • Replacing The Diner,

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    Very disappointing service this October 2013. Rude unhelpful and arrogant staff. What a Shame!


    We popped in for a late lunch, only half the tables were full and we were rudely told we had to stand and wait for 10 minutes then ignored, not even asked if we wanted a drink, there were 2 bar staff not doing anything, not very good service at all, they’ll need to up their game, round here keeping repeat custom is key…..


    Been twice. Once was excellent; me and 3 friends, 3 courses of lovely food + plenty of wine around £40ph. Good value, and lovely service. 2nd time wasn’t quite so good; I chose the plat du jour (chicken) and it was on the small wide and luke warm because it had been sitting in a warming pan with others for a while. I’ll stick to the a la carte next time. I’ve found the service to be very good on both occasions.


    Went with my wife on Saturday night for a rare meal out together sans enfants. Whilst the food was good but nothing special there is a claustrophobic feel to the restaurant as they have crammed too many tables into space so you find yourself cheek by jowl with neighbouring diners. Not helped by couple behind me ‘snogging’ each other which hurried our exit. Slightly haughty welcome from front of house ‘we have given your table to someone else as you were late’, but generally good service apart from wine waiter who didn’t know his Beaujolais from his elbow.


    Sorry to say I had a disappointing meal here recently. The lovely FOH welcome was in place as usual, but service & value for money was missing. A glass of wine and a coke took an age to arrive despite only 3 other tables being occupied at the time. A shared starter of croquettes was placed between us, but required 2 requests for individual plates. Plat du jour was fine, but 3 small and fatty lamb cutlets at £16 were not. They come with nothing other than watercress so a side of mash was ordered, bring the total for the plate to a somewhat shocking £20. The waiter thought his job was complete upon placing the bill on the table. After 10 minutes of sitting at an empty table I had to walk the bill to the till in order to complete the transaction. Add a bottle of sparkling water and the bill was a somewhat shocking £60. For that I could have got 2 excellent 300g steaks (choice of spuds included in the menu price) and bottle of house wine at the Chamberlayne and still had change. A local bistro with inexperienced waiters charging West End prices doesn’t really work for me.


    Have they closed yet? Bring back The Greyhound!

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