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Brunch at The Alice House Queens Park

Breakfast The Alice House Queens ParkGuest Blogger Natalie from My Rustic Pantry tried out the new Brunch Menu at The Alice House.

brunch the alice house queens park breakfast lunchI have been to The Alice House Queens Park a couple of times to catch up with friends over a morning cup of coffee but never had the delight of sampling their food menu. So off we went to give their brunch a go.

After walking through the gorgeous Queens Park we arrived for our morning meal and were immediately greeted with friendly smiles. The restaurant has a warm, modern farm house type feel to it, with herb pots dotted around on large earthy, wooden tables.

We chose to sit by their large windows overlooking the busy Salisbury high street, mainly on the basis that the leather chairs looked, and indeed were, incredibly comfortable and because it was a lovely day outside. Straight away we were greeted by our waitress, handing us a menu and asking if we would like something to drink.

My Maldon smoked salmon and poached eggs on granary bread were divine. 

On arrival of our morning javas, it was clear that our cappuccinos weren’t made by a proper barista. However, don’t let this put you off at all, as the actual flavour of the coffee they make is amazing. Caramelly, rich and no essence of that bitter aftertaste you sometimes get in some London coffee shops, I won’t mention any names!

Looking round the shop we noticed a large chalkboard, listing Volcano as their bean supplier. The fact that they haven’t simply selected the big coffee brands you see everywhere else in London makes Alice House a little more interesting and gives it a bit more personality than other places in the area.

eggs salmon breakfast brunch the alice house queens parkWe both opted for egg dishes in the end, and a little extra dish of granola to share. I like using my reviewing job as an excuse to try everything, “so I can get an overall feeling of what all the foods like”, but I’m really just being greedy. Whilst devouring our breakfasts neither of us could think of anything to fault the food with.

My Maldon smoked salmon and poached eggs on granary bread were divine. Although I skipped the bread to save room for the granola, I devoured every last morsel of my dish. The salmon was just pure heaven, not too greasy or over poweringly fishy. The eggs were cooked to perfection, with the yolk slightly still runny in the middle. I was in heaven.

Once the eggs were gone I swiftly turned to the granola sitting beautifully in a tall glass layered between thick yoghurt and a dark crimson compote. I picked off a little of the granola from the top of the glass and wasn’t too thrilled to begin with.

You see, I have a big hate for soft granola, I just feel that I’m being served stale oats. However, on digging my spoon deep into the rich mixture…I was in heaven. Everything just seemed to compliment each other amazingly, my opinion of soft granola quickly changed.

Everything just seemed to compliment each other amazingly, my opinion of soft granola quickly changed.

The compote was so delicious that the fact that I couldn’t quite pinpoint what it’s ingredients were was making me angry. I concluded it was a mix of some sort of berry, cherry and passion fruit. But whatever it was, was amazing. Needless to say my boyfriend and I finished off the whole lot.

The prices are pretty reasonable as well. With an eggs Benedict at £7.50, granola coming in at £4.50 and a cappuccino £2.80, it definitely won’t break the bank! Alice House is a great place. It never seems to be very busy but that definitely needs to change!


See the Alice House Brunch Menu here.


We enjoyed every single thing about our visit there that morning and will most definitely be visiting again, along with as many people we can spread the word to.


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